Oil Painter art work

About Me

My Background

Mostly self-taught artist was born in, Bulgaria 1972. Always interested in drawing he took art seriously at the age of sixteen when his family relocated to Plovdiv.

After moving to the United States in 2001, he soon settles in Louisville, Kentucky. Valtcho has continued his studies under the tutelage of renowned artist such as John Michael Carter, Phil Starke and others . He is part of an ongoing uninstructed figurative drawing/painting workshop at Mellwood Art Center in Louisville .

A passionate Plein Air painter he can be seen painting around Kentucky, Indiana ,Florida and Bulgaria. He is a member of the Plein Air Painters of KY. As full time painter his repertoire includes   landscapes, still life, abstract ,sporting and  figurative . Prefers Alla Prima approach mostly from life with oil paint, transforming the outdoor studies into bigger paintings in the studio, with attention to expressive brush strokes, light and edges.

Drawing inspiration from The Russian School -Repin , Serov , Fechin ec t, The American realist painters Sargent ,Schmid ,Hassam and many others .